The ••• Mission ••• of Meadow View Foundation, a non-profit organization is to provide high quality continuing care for the elderly in the Dan River Region of Virginia. Our Foundation is currently in the process of raising funds for developing facilities that will address the needs of our growing local elderly population in declining health, especially our population with Alzheimer's. By themselves, these elderly citizens would not have the means of securing the proper care required by the individuals suffering with this disease. Many of these individuals have outlived their family members and have no one to care for them.

Nursing Facility

We are offering an alternative Nursing facility to help the conventional nursing homes that handle critical care. There are patients that do not need a facility of that kind and this will help relieve the waiting time for the critical care homes. There are about thirty five hundred Alzheimer's patients in the Dan River Region that can not care for their needs. They need special attention in a facility that would give them a home like surrounding.

Cluster Homes

Since Alzheimer's patients and our elderly citizens suffer with health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity to name a few, our project will construct Cluster Homes to include a Nursing Home, Alzheimer's Home, Assisted living Home, Non- Assisted Living Home, Special Need Center. The Medical/ Wellness Center with Rehabilitative and Physical Therapy will be open to the public and will enable some of our veterans to be treated close to home.

We are excited to be designing the Green House Clusters Homes and Wellness Center as a multi-patient environmentally sound care facility. The use of Solar energy, wind power and new technology will protect our environment and be cost effective to operate.

This project will bring in new jobs to southside Virginia and will have a positive impact on our economy.


Meadow View Foundation, Inc.
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